Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 2203 LTSR

The latest LTSR has been released. It has been awhile since the previous LTSR (1912), and a lot of innovation has come in between. There are a lot of notable enhancements, including some excellent HDX enhancements. Over at the Citrix blog you can find links to in-depth information about each. […]

Combining Citrix ADC and Citrix Microapps to Access On-Premises API

This post is a cross-post from Citrix Microapps service launched in 2019 and saw a realization of the value brought by the acquisition of Sapho in late 2018. Microapps help to reduce complexity involved with everyday processes in order to drive productivity gains. If you’re not familiar, it is […]

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1912 LTSR Released 2

The next LTSR is, at long last, here.  Nick Rintalan has an excellent post summarizing the top 10 reasons to upgrade.  Some of my favorite enhancements are to Director, which has come a long way in terms of functionality and robustness.  Custom reporting, login time drill-down…too many good things to […]

Citrix Hypervisor 8.1 Released

Citrix have released Hypervisor 8.1.  New Features include: Support for UEFI Secure Boot for Windows VMs Multiple vGPU support for Windows and Linux Support for AMD Rome Improved performance for VM imports and Exports Storage performance improvements New Windows I/O Drivers New XenCenter Notifications for End of Life versions The […]

Who cares if one more light goes out? … Well, I do.

While I realize there has been quite a bit of non-technical posts as of late, I wanted to continue to share things that mean a lot to me. Two years ago I was hit with news that shook me to my core. I was not aware that I could be […]

Monitoring License Expiration in LogicMonitor

This is a repost of a blog I did over on When you’re responsible for the care and feeding of your Citrix environment, it is important to keep tabs on your licensing status. In particular, if you have a license type that expires, it is important to monitor that […]