Unable to Provision Machines using XenDesktop Setup Wizard – A case of “The object or item referred to could not be found” 3

Suppose you’ve have your environment for a bit of time. Your PVS targets are humming along happily and life is good. After a recent company expansion, you have planned to add capacity. You fire up the XenDesktop Setup Wizard in PVS to easily add additional machines. After running through the […]

Power Management and Performance for Virtual Machine Hosts

Sometimes little things slip through, especially when you’re in a rush.  We recently discovered excessive CPU latency was affecting performance on a number of SQL servers on what should have been otherwise sufficient hosts.  The cause wasn’t immediately clear, but since we began monitoring the servers with Veeam Management Pack […]

vCenter Converter Standalone 5.0.1 Now Available

If you’re having trouble using VMware vCenter Converter 5.0 to migrate VM’s with a 5.1 host or vCenter, you’re in luck.  vCenter Converter 5.0.1 has been released with support for vCenter/ESXi 5.1.  Unfortunately, VMware has not yet decide to support this application fully, as explained in the release notes. What’s […]

Replacing vCenter Certificate

Depending on organizational or technical requirements, you may have a need to replace the default certificates for vCenter or ESXi.  This is easily accomplished once you understand the process. Create a private key Create a certificate request Obtain the certificate from a certificate authority Convert the certificate to PFX format […]