Discover What Citrix Director Won’t Show You: Which User/Machine Had Long Log on Duration in XenDesktop 7 5

Citrix Director is great for showing you trends for logon performance, but you can’t yet “drill down” to determine which user specifically had the long log on duration.  Luckily enough, the SQL database does have this information.  The query below will show you all logons from the current day and sort […]

Quick and Dirty Powershell Script to Check PVS Write Cache Sizes

Add-PSSnapin Citrix* $reg=get-brokerdesktop -MaxRecordCount 9999 -RegistrationState Registered -DesktopGroupName VDIWIN7 -adminaddress citrixdc.contoso.local $results=@(); $reg | %{ $comp=$_.hostedmachinename; $cache=dir “\$compD$.vdiskcache” -force; $results+=”$comp;$($($cache.length)/1GB)”} $path0=”D:WriteCachelatest.txt” $path1=”D:WriteCachewc_$(get-date -format `”yyyy-MM-dd_hh-mm_ss`”).txt” $results | out-file $path0 $results | out-file $path1 Using this script you can go to Excel, Data, Import from Text, select Latest.txt, pivot table. Then all you […]

Redirect Citrix Web Interface Services Site to Storefront with Rewrite on Netscaler 3

Our deployment includes Windows Embedded and Windows ThinPC clients that use the Citrix Desktop Lock to connect to our XenDesktop environment.  The Citrix Desktop Lock requires a services site, otherwise known as legacy support in Storefront.  In XenDesktop 5.6, this worked well and we connected to our internal site via […]