Provisioning Services PVSDataCollector with 7.8/7.9–“Illegal Characters in Path”

CTX136079 includes a download link for PVSDataCollector  This utility is used to collect information about the Provisioning Services Farm and is often required when dealing with support.  Unfortunately, with 7.8 and 7.9 there is an issue – upon running the utility, you receive an error and it does not […]

Updating Provisioning Services Bootstrap for Each Server in the Site

There are times where you need to configure the bootstrap information (or re-configure) for the servers in the farm. The bootstrap information can be updated in a few different ways. The first place you will encounter the bootstrap information screen is in the configuration wizard while configuring Provisioning Services if […]

Updating Your Boot Device Manager (BDM) Partition with Provisioning Services 7.9 2

Provisioning Services has included support for a Boot Device Manager (BDM) Partition since version 7.0. There are some use cases where it is preferable to choose the BDM partition, and it is simple to do when provisioning machines using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard within the Provisioning Services Console. One limitation […]